I already received two emails from people in Nashville telling me how excited they are that they found a camera.

Can’t wait to see the photos!

I received this email the other day and I’ve been meaning to post it.

Hi! My names Brittney (Redacted),  I’ve 17 years old and I just wanted to send this email to you to tell you I think it is just awesome what you are doing with the cameras. I live in a small town in Kansas and I would love to have the opportunity to join in on this lovely project if possible. Thank you for the added boast of inspiration today!

It’s always so nice to read emails from people who support the project and want to participate. The project may not be as up to par as I would like it to be as far as getting cameras back goes, but reading emails like this far from make up for it.

Brittney, If you’re reading this, Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to send out a camera to you soon, That also goes out to everyone else that has been requesting a camera. I’ll be putting them in the mail as soon as I can.

Victoria found a camera and she’s taking it to London!

Victoria found a camera and she’s taking it to London!


I’ll be flying out to California later today and I’m bring along a ton of cameras that I’ll be leaving from San Francisco to San Diego To Las Vegas and points in between.

I’ll try to post locations as I drop them.

Things have been quiet on the disposable camera front

But it’s nice to know that they are still out there getting passed around. Hopefully my inbox has stopped eating emails. 

I need to do another camera dump soon. I haven’t had the time to make up new ones but I should do that soon.

Speaking of that lost email: Markus from North Dakota writes:

"Hello I’m currently holding camera 159! I received it in Minnesota Minneapolis and have currently taken it back to my home town of Bismarck ND.  I will be passing it on the next time I am at the airport which will be in a couple of weeks.  The number of exposers on the camera is 14. I just wanted to keep you posted this is a really sweet project you have here. Can’t wait to see the pictures! Take care and god bless."

I’d like to thank my inbox for hoarding an email from FEBRUARY and waiting until today to deliver it. How does that even happen?

I’d like to thank my inbox for hoarding an email from FEBRUARY and waiting until today to deliver it. How does that even happen?

chloestar asked: I wish to have a hold of this one too :( I'm from Philippines, and that's why it seems very impossible for a camera from NY be shipped to here, especially that I am a 'no one' and a 'completer stranger' to you.

Thank you for your interest in this project. I’m currently in the process of gathering up resources to be able to send out as many cameras to people as possible. If you wish to have one sent to you just send me an email at PassItOn@rjcaputo.com with your name and address. 

*To the rest of you who have requested cameras I’m hoping to send them out ASAP.

Thanks again!

Camera Update:

I’ve deposited cameras in the following States/Cities last week, Some of which have already been found:


  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Estes Park
  • Boulder


  • Kimball
  • Scottsbluff

South Dakota:

  • Rapid City
  • Deadwood
  • Crazy Horse
  • Mount Rushmore


  • Gillette
  • Casper
  • Cheyenne
  • Douglas

If you found one please let me know, And thank you to those who have already contacted me!

Also if you do find one, take a photo of yourself with it and send it in!

(Source: takeaphotopassiton.com)

I forgot to post this sooner. Camera #174 is in Australia!

Hi there! 

My name is Lisa and I have camera #174! I am from Flushing, New York and a friend of mine at work told me all about what your doing and I was so excited when she asked me to take it with me on my trip! I am leaving for Australia on Monday August 13th so I will be sure to snap some photos and pass it on! 


(Source: akeaphotopassiton.com)