Camera #259 Returned home safely. The camera was originally left at Twisted Root Burger in Dallas, Texas, and from what I gather, Never actually left.


takeaphotopassiton: I dropped off my camera in Newport, RI at the visitor center off America’s Cup Ave.


Made up some cameras and I’m dropping them off in Connecticut.

Made up some cameras and I’m dropping them off in Connecticut.

Cameras will be dropped off at various locations during the rest of Warped Tour, going on now until August 2nd. I’ll be posting where they’re dropped off so if you’re going to warped tour keep an eye out for them.

I’ve received a lot of requests for cameras and I’m doing my best to fulfill everyone request. I hope to be packaging and sending them out in the coming days.

However, many of those requests came from overseas and I’m having some trouble getting an accurate mailing address. The format some of you send me doesn’t seem to be all too familiar to my post office It’s probably me not you. So if you send a request from outside of the United States please resend it and in the exact format that it should be mailed.

Specifically requests from Honduras, Indonesia & Turkey I’m having some issue with.

Keep those requests coming!

Tatiana was given camera #247

I do indeed. #274. I work in a broadway theatre and took a pic of the interior… And a pic of my buddy on the fire escape outside of the theatre. It is now on its way to Maine with a member of the staff who is going on vacation. 

So exciting I could be a part of this! Good luck! 


She later added:

A friend found it at a brewery in red hook, BK and passed it off to me.  I believe there are 19 exposures left.  

I’m so happy to receive updates like this! It’s nice to know my cameras are out there somewhere, exploring, one day finding their way back home I hope.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey Yooooouu guuuuuuys…

Is there anyone out there who has found or been given one of my cameras and you have one in your possession currently? if you do it would awesome if you can take a photo of yourself with one and send it my way via email or submission so I can post it :)

yavelee said: Hey! Your project is impressing! Do you have some camera in Argentina or Germany? (I am gonna leave from Argentina to Germany in one month so...) :)

No cameras in Germany or Argentina as of yet. If you want to participate, send me your address to

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underawhiteflag said: Are there any cameras in spain? I'd love to pass one here

I do believe there may be some in Spain but I’d always be happy to send more. :)

Hitting up Niagara Falls with a bunch of cameras

Hitting up Niagara Falls with a bunch of cameras